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    If you have a partner, children, or parents who depend on you, it's wise to have a life insurance policy that provides a safety net should something happen to you. A policy will protect yourself, your assets and your loved ones when you no longer can. The payout from a policy could mean that it helps with medical bills, mortgage payments, outstanding debt, or monthly income for your family. You might not need life insurance if you have already built up sufficient savings that could be used for this purpose.

    Life insurance pays out a lump sum to your beneficiaries if you die; or if you have critical illness cover on your policy, a payout will be received on diagnosis of a critical illness like cancer, a tumour, or a heart attack. Often the funds are used to pay off a mortgage, to help raise children, or to cover rent and day-to-day expenses. Funds can also be used to settle medical pills or co-signed debts that would otherwise be transferred to your partner.

    There is no income or capital gains tax on life insurance payouts, however you could be subject to inheritance tax if your estate (the sum of your anything you own) is over a threshold. This can be sidestepped by placing the policy in trust, so that you beneficiaries become the trustees, and the policy is no longer part of your estate.

    The younger you are, the cheaper your life insurance policy is likely to be. This means it's more efficient and cheaper in the long run to get covered as soon as you're considering it, or soon as you have dependents.

    Everyone is unique, and every policy is underwritten individually. While health history is one of many price factors (often also including current health, age and use of tobacco), it doesn't in any way prevent you from receiving quotes. Our experts have helped many happy applicants with pre-existing conditions and health challenges.

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